Howard County wants the right to good-paying jobs with responsible and proven partners.

You’ve passed laws to ensure that anyone developing solar in Howard County will be held accountable and post an insurance bond should anything happen to their ability to continue to operate these solar farms. Please exercise your oversight to deliver basic rights of ensuring a healthier community and healthier economy for Howard County and support home-grown, renewable energy by sending a letter of support to the Howard County Board of Zoning Commissioners office!

Dear Howard County Board of Zoning Commissioners,

As a citizen of Howard County, I ask that you support the Emerald Green Solar project and in doing so, support and protect the following:

  • Farmers' and landowners’ property rights and land legacy
  • A healthier community with cleaner water, soil & air for our children and grandchildren
  • The right to a healthier economy with more family-wage jobs, and more money for schools, public safety, and roads
  • A clean economic opportunity for Howard County with $30 million in new tax revenue over the life of the project with $19.8 million going to Eastern Howard School Corp
  • The right to work with 300 construction and development jobs

Thank you for protecting the health and rights of Howard County’s citizen’s land, legacy, and community by supporting Emerald Green Solar!

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